Flotsam and Jetsam

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What do you do if it rains? 2007 was a unique and memorable year for DAM J.A.M. We've had light mist and cloudy days before, but this was a day long downpour... Yes or no, go or no go?

Bicycling is one of the great liberating pleasures. Whether you're touring, racing, commuting, or riding around the block with the kids, if you're not enjoying every ride you take, you're not doing it right. This is from Rivendell Bicycle Works... How to Enjoy Riding Forever.

Since 1992 you've been asking what DAM J.A.M. means. We could have made it just plain damjam, but that wouldn't make such a good story.

Over 2500 miles of lake shoreline!? Yep. DAM J.A.M. travels along the shores of at least five lakes in Northeast Oklahoma. Learn a little bit about the area and next time you ride one of our routes, you can tell your friends what you know. Here are some bits about each of them. Chimney Rock Lake... Lake Hudson... Grand Lake... Spavinaw Lake and Lake Eucha.

There's really no excuse for poorly marked routes on bicycle events. All you really have to do is imagine what people are experiencing as they approach decision points on a bike ride and then do what it takes to remove the uncertainty. We don't do it perfectly but we think it's important and we work hard at it. Here's what we think.

And as long as we're on the subject of warnings... Cyclists announce their intentions when others are present. That means if you're passing someone, announce, "on your left!" If you're passing a pedestrian, give them plenty of advance warning. They react slowly because they're enjoying themselves and probably can't hear you behind them. Be patient while they figure out which left you mean. Always signal when riding on the streets. That's how we get respect from car drivers. If you're riding in a group of other riders, signal if you're going to make any move. Point to holes or debris in the road. Announce it if you're..."stopping!" These rules aren't just for safety-nerds, they're part of being a good bicycler. They're commonly practiced by Those Who Know.

Q: What's a SAG driver? A: SAG stands for Support And Gear... or at least that's the only definition I've been able to find. Good enough I guess. If you know of a better one, by all means tell me. Meanwhile this is it.

Here's something alse about SAG's... not ours, the personal kind. Someone very graciously offered to use their RV as a personal sag for their group. After we thought about it a bit, we realized we have an opinion about this too. Here's how I replied.

Pryor Creek Nature Trail
The Pryor Creek Nature Trail is a project of the Leaf Collector Foundation. Phase One starts just south of town and runs about three miles along Pryor Creek on Federal land managed by the Corps of Engineers. Read about it and see a map on their website. This is a very good thing.

If you're interested in adventure travel, get a copy of this book. The authors are good friends of DAM J.A.M. and of the Pryor Creek Trail project. It seems a lot of us who ride bicycles regularly are also drawn to things like exploring, looking for adventure, taking a risk now and then, inventing and otherwise living just slightly outside the mainstream. We're proud to promote anything like this we think you might find interesting.

It's useful to know when the sun rises and sets. While researching the appropriate start/finish times for the new DAM J.A.M. Criterium, we found more information than we needed from the U.S. Naval Observatory, Astronomical Applications Department website. Turns out it was pretty interesting. Here's a page that'll get you there. Have fun.


Random DAM J.A.M. Pics Random DAM J.A.M. Pics Random DAM J.A.M. Pics Random DAM J.A.M. Pics

Thanks to David Kincannon for many of these great photos.

till DAM J.A.M. 26!
September 9, 2017

Stay awhile.
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